How to Put a Deadline Funnel Campaign Into Test Mode

Because the Deadline Funnel tracking is so robust, when you are building out your funnels, you may run into an issue where the deadline expires on one of the pages, which will prevent you from accessing the page to make edits.
We have developed a Test Mode so that you can see your Deadline Funnel countdowns and still use the expiring links without enforcing a deadline. 
By default it will set the deadline for 3 days in the future, and change with each passing day.
You can turn test mode off at any time. 
Important Note: Previous tracking data will be enforced once you turn off Test Mode. In addition, Test Mode will affect live prospects going through your funnel if you activate Test Mode on a Deadline Funnel campaign being used in a live marketing funnel.

Activating Test Mode:

To turn on test mode go to Edit your campaign > Settings and toggle Test Mode on as shown here:

Testing your Tracking for a Deadline Funnel

Before you start sending prospects through your Deadline Funnel, we highly recommend that you test the tracking and make sure that everything is working as expected.

We have created a detailed article on testing your deadline funnel campaign.

Note: Please make sure your Deadline Funnel is *NOT* in Test Mode before you test your tracking.

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