What Is the Difference Between Optin Form Integration and API Integration?

What's the Difference Between Optin Form and API Integration?

Optin Form and API Integrations will both integrate Deadline Funnel very tightly with your email service provider (AWeber, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, etc).
The biggest difference between the Optin Form and API integration is that the API integration is best used when you are adding your EXISTING email subscribers into a Deadline Funnel campaign.
On the other hand, the optin form integration is best used when you are starting off a Deadline Funnel campaign with an optin. (However, you could still use the API in this scenario.)
The API integration requires a bit more skill than the optin form integration, but it does NOT require any coding skills.
The optin form integration works for every email service provider that we have tested.
Deadline Funnel currently integrates at the API level with:

We regularly add more email service providers for API integration. If you would like us to add your specific email service provider please contact us. 

If you have any questions, please let us know at  help@deadlinefunnel.com.

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