How to Test Your Deadline Funnel Campaign

This article provides instructions for quickly testing your evergreen Deadline Funnel campaign without having to wait the duration of your funnel.

For example, if you have a Deadline Funnel campaign that is 10 days long, rather than going through the funnel and waiting the full 10 days, Deadline Funnel makes it easy to rapidly test what will happen before and after the deadline.

We have also included details on several tests you should consider running, depending on how you are using Deadline Funnel.

Note: This knowledgebase article is longer than most as we wanted you to have step-by-step details and useful examples.

How to Manage Your Tracking:

Navigate inside your Deadline Funnel admin to Edit your campaign > Testing:

Clicking on 'Tracking Details' to see what is being tracked, when tracking was sent, etc.
When you're running various tests you may want to clear your tracking so you can start over as a new prospect. Clicking on 'Clear Tracking' clears your personal tracking.

How Anyone on Your Team Can Check Their Tracking:

On the Testing page, click 'Tracking Details':

On this page you can find a 'Team Testing Link' which can be shared with anyone on your team and they will be able to view their own tracking:

They can also delete their tracking (for testing purposes), so make sure you ONLY give this link to people on your team, as you don't want prospects deleting their Deadline Funnel tracking. 

Several Tests You Should Consider Running:

Test Example #1: Expiring Link, before and after deadline

Testing the Expiring Link BEFORE deadline:

Start by clicking the red 'Clear Tracking' button a couple of times (until you see a yellow box appear that says 'No tracking found')

Now navigate to 'Email Setup' to copy your expiring link as shown in this image:

Paste the expiring link into a new browser tab and hit Return/Enter on your keyboard. When you follow the expiring link you should arrive at the 'Before' URL since you are either NOT being tracked yet or you ARE being tracked but your deadline has not yet expired. 
You can also navigate to Testing > Tracking Details to verify that your tracking has begun and see when your Deadline Date is:

Testing the Expiring Link AFTER deadline:

Now, let's use a very powerful feature of Deadline Funnel to test the AFTER deadline without waiting.

In the Deadline Funnel admin Use It > Testing > Tracking Details, scroll down until you see this:

Click the red negative button until the number shows a NEGATIVE number that's GREATER THAN the number of days as your deadline duration. Then, click 'Change Start Date'. For example, if you have a 3-day evergreen Deadline Funnel, change the number to -4 and click 'Change Start Date' as shown here:

The page will refresh and you should see that your campaign has expired as shown in this image:

You have just changed the tracking in the Deadline Funnel database to act as if you arrived 4 DAYS AGO - regardless of when your tracking was actually started. Now Deadline Funnel will treat you as a prospect that has waited too long to take action.

To test this, take that same expiring link we just used and put it in a new browser tab. Hit Return/Enter.
Your browser will now take you to the AFTER URL as listed in your Funnel Steps.

You can undo the 'adjust days' change you just made by clicking the green PLUS sign and adding as many days as you removed, and clicking Change Start Date. Here's an example:

You should now see that your deadline details show that your deadline has NOT expired yet.

Hopefully you can see how easy it is to adjust the tracking start date in Deadline Funnel so you can test different before and after scenarios.

Test Example #2: "Have I set the correct number of days for my evergreen deadline?"

To test if your deadline will expire exactly when you think it will (and to coordinate with your follow-up email schedule) here's what you do:

Delete your tracking to make sure that you are treated as a new prospect.
Enter your funnel either by opt-in if you have integrated Deadline Funnel with your opt-in, or by clicking an expiring link.
View your tracking and see the date that Deadline Funnel has set for your deadline:

Test Example #3: "Is my opt-in integration working?"

If you're integrating Deadline Funnel with your opt-in form, here's how you can test that the integration is working as expected:

First, delete your tracking to make sure that you are treated as a new prospect.
Next, go to your opt-in form (this assumes you have already integrated Deadline Funnel with your opt-in).
Opt-in using a NEW email address.
View your tracking in the Deadline Funnel admin. You should see a deadline text value as shown here:

Finally, go into your email service provider (AWeber, Ontraport, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, etc.,) and verify that the contact record for the email address you used during the opt-in has the same deadline text.

Test Example #4: "Will tracking work on mobile devices?"

Yes it will, and here's how to prove it.

Deadline Funnel uses multiple methods to track your prospects so that they will see the correct deadline whether they're on desktop or mobile.

If your prospect switches from desktop to mobile (or vice versa) on the same IP address (wi-fi network) then Deadline Funnel will find them by IP address and once located, put a new cookie on their second device that matches the tracking on their first device.

However if your prospect switches from one device to another AND is on a different IP address, then Deadline Funnel needs to find them a different way (assuming no previous cookie is found).

So what we recommend is that you use expiring links in your followup emails, so Deadline Funnel can find them their email.

Here's how you can test mobile tracking if your visitor is on the same IP address, but using a different device:

First make sure that you ARE being tracked on the first device (desktop or laptop is easiest). View your tracking details to confirm.
Make sure that the deadline has NOT yet expired.
Next, create an email with BOTH an expiring link and the Team Testing Link in the body of the email.
Send the email to yourself.
Open the email on your second device and click the link
You will arrive at the BEFORE URL for your expiring link.
To check your tracking, click the Team Testing Link from this second device and you should see the same details as you see on the first device.

You can go into the Deadline Funnel admin and adjust the days so that Deadline Funnel considers your deadline expired. Then click the same expiring link on your second device. You will arrive at the AFTER URL. 

We've covered a lot of ground and you're now a Deadline Funnel testing Ninja! Go forth and be deadly. 

Test Mode - What It Is and Why You Use It

There's another testing feature you should know about which is useful when you are in the process of building out your funnel and don't want to be redirected to the post-deadline pages.

In this scenario you can put your campaign into Test Mode so that none of the deadlines are enforced.  Click here for instructions on putting your campaign into Test Mode.

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