How to Add a Custom URL

Add Custom URL

Custom URLs are used with Expiring URLs, Email Links, and Animated Email Countdowns.

You can choose from one of the default custom URLs included with Deadline Funnel or create a custom URL using one of your own sub-domains.

To add a Custom URL, go to My account >> Add Custom URL. Then, enter your own sub-domain URL, and press Add New URL.

In order for the custom URL to work (e.g., you will need to set up the CNAME for your sub-domain in your DNS manager, with the CNAME pointing to

For more information on setting up a CNAME in your DNS manager, please watch this video.

Set Custom URL

To set the Custom URL that is active for your Expiring URLs, Email Links, and Animated Countdowns, go to My account >> Set Custom URL. Select the Custom URL and press Save.

Please note that after you save your custom URL, you'll need to update the email timer code (found in Use It >> Email Setup >> HTML Image Code) in your emails to reflect the new URL.

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